Demo 2013

by Ogrish

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Winterpercht Will there ever be new stuff? I have listened to this demo very often. Great old school BM with fine keyboards, great melodies and a very solid production!
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All material recorded in Slawek Piec's Studio at 10 Nov. 2012
Mix/Mastering: Slawek Piec

All Music by OGRISH
Lyrics by Ainael
OGRISH logo by Christophe Szpajdel



released January 1, 2013

Valpurgia - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Astaroth - Keyboards
Shedim - Drums
Stygian - Bass
AinaeL - Vocals



all rights reserved


Ogrish Gdynia, Poland

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Track Name: Infernal Stigma of Madness
Recessed in the ocean of nightmare
Fall deeper and deeper
The damned countless beings
Attracted by my presence, trying to hold on me
With deeper and deeper every second, no return
Sink in the nightmare, the groans and cries
Damned souls, my mind starts to concede

Here comes the moment
I'm almost on the border
The blasphemous dance, black souls

I can't hold resistance to the oncoming madness
The deafening roar of the damned, full of ferocious joy
Tugged and pushed
Inevitably devoting to the madness
Which draws me in their coverage

There is no retreat, there is no escape
Left only with suffer and condemnation
In the deepest abyss of hell
Track Name: Morose Nekromanta
Once again cheating death
What should rest in the ground
Created to serve, spreading fear and corruption

You! who are responsible
Defiling life and death
The joy of it?

Death does not exist! But I'm...
Morose Necromancer

No matter who you were and what were you doing
So in the end you'll serve me
Thy soul shall not know peace
Because I will wield it
Morose Necromancer

Sweet smell of death among the rotting corpses
Which bend under will of my
Delightful shriek damned souls
The other end will not be

You are a meat that is wasted
Until my magic don't take care of you
My innumerable hordes of slaves
Whose souls will never be saved
Condemned by the power of the necromancer
Track Name: So Pretty And So Dead
Only wind haunts these chambers
Blackened throne stands alone
Times of glory have passed away

The majestic mountains and ancient from the beginning of time
Inaccessible and dangerous

Quiet ancient forests
In the twilight of trees, hidden secrets

Crystalline streams
Cold as the heart of the mountains, swift and wild

In the moonlight shadows slink
These are the spirits ancestors gazing blankly
For the living those who long ago left this land

Quiet ancient forests
In the twilight of trees, hidden secrets

Crystalline streams
Cold as the heart of the mountains, swift and wild

Nothing more isn't here, the grace of the Dark Lord left us
Remained only a blackened throne, silent witness of the former authority
Reign of Darkness

At midnight at the moment of silence
Straining the senses, you will feel the remnants of the former ruling Powers of the Earth

But everything has gone, leaving only ruin and whining spirits roam the old trails

It is a land of death, plunged in eternal gray
Surrounded by black mountains

Closed for mortals
Track Name: Path of The Endless Spasm
Finding himself in a black despair
Looking to escape...

Wandering like a maze, I can't leave this path
That leads to destruction

Run! But I don't know where?
With every step, it's increasingly difficult
Unrelenting fate on my neck already be completed

There is no escape from the pain that fills me
Overwhelming brutality taking its toll
In each particle of my being

Devoid of will, in eternal pain
Which certainly won't save me
Bathed in their blood, the dark roam the darkness
Looking for redemption...

Where is it? Where is the end of these torments?